“Healthy Tonsils” is the best ENT-center in Kiev

We are not just a clinic, we are a team of highly qualified specialists who have proven their skills and professionalism for nearly thirty years. Our vocation is the treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and throat, mostly by the non-invasive method. Our specialists have helped thousands of people to recover from chronic diseases thanks to painless and effective treatment, which guarantees a full recovery. The principles of our work are our advantages, namely: a wide range of services provided, high-quality diagnostics, professional treatment of ENT diseases, an individual approach and, of course, a friendly attitude towards each client.

Why you should contact us?

The ENT Center Healthy Tonsils uses a unique method for the treatment of tonsillitis, inflammation of the glands and adenoiditis without surgery and without antibiotics. This system is ideal for all patients, especially for the youngest. Our ENT doctor in Kiev is happy to examine your baby and the visit will pass without stress, both for the child and for the parents.

Another our advantage is that we are fighting for the preservation of such an important organ as the tonsils. Therefore, we offer such treatment of tonsillitis, which will allow not only to preserve this organ, but also completely restore its protective and hematopoietic function. This method is used both for children and for adults and in the future contributes to increased immunity.

In chronic tonsillitis, a qualified children’s ENT-doctor can help your child. Kiev – this is where our clinic is located and this is where professionals work. Practice shows that more than 90% of children who were treated with us no longer have SARS. This is another proof that the correct treatment of tonsillitis enhances immunity.

If you visit the initial consultation in our center and decide to continue treatment with us, you can be sure that from now on you will receive an individual treatment and, throughout the course, you will receive all the necessary medical services, right up to the recovery.

Healthy Tonsils is definitely the best ENT clinic. Kiev is not the only city in which you can use the services of non-surgical treatment, our clinic also operates in St. Petersburg, in Sevastopol and Yevpatoria.


    • Treatment of adenoiditis and tonsillitis without surgery

      Our unique technique has proved over 30 years of continuous practice that there is the possibility of treating adenoiditis, tonsillitis, inflammation of the glands without surgical intervention. As an alternative, we offer treatment without antibiotics, without pain and without stress, which is easily beared even by the smallest patients.

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      Restoration of primary functions of the mucous membrane, preservation of the vital immune organ. It is known that the palatine tonsils perform protective and hematopoietic functions. Our ENT Center has developed unique methods for treating chronic tonsillitis for children and adults, which not only help preserve palatine tonsils, but also guarantee their complete recovery, which means restoration and enhancement of immunity.

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      Children suffering from chronic tonsillitis and treated according to the indicated methods were removed from the OIC record (often ill child) because the cured palatine tonsils began to perform their inherent protective function in the body, which increased their immunity. More than 90% of children who received treatment in our clinic for the next few years do not have SARS.

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      For each of our patients, we provide medical support, starting with the initial consultation until they are fully recovered. For each client an individual program is developed, based on the characteristics of the disease. The patient receives high quality medical services throughout the course of treatment.

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    • ON CALL DOCTOR 24/7 online

      The clinic “Healthy tonsils” provides professional medical advice not only for our patients, but also to everyone who appeals to us for help. The service “ON CALL DOCTOR 24/7 online” is a round-the-clock medical information support for You and Your loved ones.

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    The best advertising for us is feedback from our clients who have successfully gone through treatment in our clinic.

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